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CI Renewables is a nationwide leader in providing energy solutions for companies and institutions with large and complex electric loads greater than 2 MWs. 

CI Renewables (formerly known as KDC Solar), provides turnkey, comprehensive solutions for companies and institutions with large electric loads and provides them with clean renewable energy at long term prices, all without any capital investment. We take pride that our customers are enormously satisfied with the solar projects we have built and enjoyed the lower cost, clean electricity we have delivered.

A true win/win for everyone. 

Our goal is to develop, build, and operate solar power facilities which reduce the carbon footprint of our customers and provide significant long term savings.



CI Renewables focuses on solar projects located on or adjacent to commercial, industrial, and institutions properties where CI Renewables designs, finances, builds, operates and owns the solar facility. If possible, we can provide this opportunity under “community net metered” programs and build our facility on land not adjacent to our customers.


As part of our solar program, CI Renewables:

Provides 100% of the capital to develop, build and operate the solar project (thus no capital required from customers).

Provides economic benefits to project hosts through a discount in electrical costs.

Is responsible for all operations and maintenance.

Has invested, with our financing partners, in excess of $400 million in our solar projects.

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

The entire Lawrenceville School community, including our students, faculty, and staff, take pride in our campus being supplied by clean, renewable solar energy.  CI Renewables was the right choice as our partner to build, own, and operate our solar system and we highly recommend them.

Wesley R. Brooks

Former Chief Financial Officer, The Lawrenceville School

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