Six Flags Great Adventure

Project: Six Flags Great Adventure
System Size: 23.5 MW

System Type: Post driven ground mounted and car canopies
Interconnection: Net-metered with JCP&L
Location: Jackson, NJ

The project achieved commercial operations in June 2019 and consists of a 12.5 MW ground mounted array and 11 MW covering 3 large parking lots at Six Flags Great Adventure. In order to facilitate interconnection of this 23.5 MW system, 1.5 miles of transmission lines was constructed to connect the various arrays to a new substation of Six Flags Great Adventure. The project was fully financed by CI Renewables (formerly known as KDC Solar) PR1 LLC and was built with the help of The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company.

Six Flags Great Adventure

Operational Vitals

Location: Jackson, NJ

Client: Six Flags Great Adventure

Contractor: The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

Acres - Facility Size

MW - Solar System Size

Million kWh/Yr. Est. System Output

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