Project: Seabrook
System Size: 3.995 MW

System Type: Post driven ground mounted
Interconnection: Net-metered with JCP&L
Location: Tinton Falls, NJ

The project achieved commercial operations in September 2016. It was fully financed by CI Renewables (formerly known as KDC Solar) Bergen 1 LLC with Seabrook Village purchasing the kilowatt hour output of the facility under a Power Purchase Agreement. The land that the facility was built on is owned by Seabrook Village and CI Renewables Bergen 1 has a lease agreement with the owner. The project was built with the help of Torcon Inc.



Operational Vitals

Location: Tinton Falls, NJ

Client: Seabrook Village

Contractor: Torcon, Inc.

Acres - Facility Size

MW - Solar System Size

Million kWh/Yr. Est. System Output

CI Renewables