CentraState Medical Center

Project: CentraState Medical Center
System Size: 3.9 MW

System Type: Car canopy
Interconnection: Net-metered with JCP&L
Location: Freehold, NJ

The CentraState carport project is the second project for KDC Solar at CentraState Medical Center.  In addition to a fixed ground mounted system installed in 2014, this project is a car canopy system built on 3 large parking lots leased by KDC Solar CSCP LLC which achieved commercial operations in September 2019.  The solar facility is directly interconnected with the hospital infrastructure and provides power to the not-for-profit healthcare facility. 

CentraState Medical Center

Operational Vitals

Location: Freehold, NJ

Client: CentraState Medical Center

Contractor: Altec Building Systems and SunPower

Covered Parking Stalls

MW - Solar System Size

Million kWh/Yr. Est. System Output

CI Renewables